SSAA Club/Sections contacts and Information

SSAA ACT Inc is a sport shooting association founded in 1965 and provides range facilities for members and members of the public to participate in target shooting activities.

SSAA ACT has a wide range of shooting disciplines for rifle, pistol and shotgun.

The SSAA ACT Shooting Complex, Rifle Range on Hector McIntosh Grove in Majura has Range Officers in attendance Monday to Friday 9 am-4 pm and Sunday 9 am-12 noon, for members and licenced members of the public to engage in general target shooting sessions. Our formal shooting disciplines use the complex on Saturdays and Sunday afternoons.

People are encouraged to visit the Rifle Range complex and watch the disciplines to gain knowledge about the different types of shooting matches.

Members general session

Contact: Range Office 0400 138 955
Non-discipline Rifle general shooting is held on Sunday mornings and weekdays. Targets are available for purchase. Range Officers are in attendance during these hours, Monday to Friday 9am-4pm; Sunday 9am-12 noon; range open from 9am-4pm on any fifth Sunday of the month.

If you are interested in other SSAA ACT Disciplines or Clubs please contact the coordinators to find out when is the best time to visit.

Air Rifle

Contact: Jim Coghlan 0419 615 551 or
Every Wednesday at the Air Gun Range from 6.30pm

Air Rifle Field Target

Contact: Darius Krivanek 0418 103 360
Air Rifle Field Target is a simulated field-shooting discipline that caters to springer & precharged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle shooters. Using reactive “fall-when-hit” targets of various sizes at often unknown ranges from 8 to 50m. Held at 1pm on the 1st Sunday afternoon of every month.

ACT Antique & Historical Arms Association

The objectives of the Association are to promote an interest in the collection, restoration and preservation of antique, historical and collectable arms and related items.

The Association which has been in existence since 1966 is an approved club under the ACT Firearms Legislation. It has it meetings on the last Tuesday of every month, except January and December, the in main clubhouse commencing at 7:30pm

APSGC (Police and Services)

The Australian Protective Service Gun Club (SSAA ACT) Inc (APSGC) is the Law Enforcement Activities Discipline of SSAA ACT.

The APS Gun Club was established in 1988 to provide a competitive and safe place to shoot matches such as the Australian Police & Services Match (APSM) and the Police Practical Competition (PPC) for members who have a ‘Law Enforcement (Commonwealth or State), Protection and Emergency Services’ background.

Membership is open to all former and serving members of the positions listed above – civilians are also welcome to join with the understanding that the club is built around the law enforcement-style competitions.

Contact: Lawrie Whiley 0418 609 112 or


Contact: Dave Groves
When Benchrest is mentioned, many people think it means highly modified or tricked up (not to mention expensive) rifles. Whilst many have custom built rifles for some events, there are plenty of competitions in Hunter Class in which any magazine fed hunting rifle may be used. 4th Saturday of each month at 8am

Benchrest Batshoot

The Batshoot competition is a development of Benchrest accuracy shooting with some twists to build the competitive enjoyment of the event. The Batshoot, like the 500M Fly discipline, is a development which started in the ACT and now has a strong following. There are no heavy/light gun equipment restrictions, but most Bat shooters use light target rifles in 6mm-7mm calibres.

It is shot from the bench over 300 metres and occurs during the evening and night on the third Wednesday of each month (always check the online calendar). The event begins with setup at 5.30 onwards with the competition starting around 6pm.

As with the 500m Fly match, results are measured by both a numerical score and a group size score, which are added to get the final result. Shooters hitting the central Bat image receive a 0.1; the aim is to group as many of your 5 shots on the Bat image in the centre of the target. The match commences with a 10 minute warmer target, with no limit on the number of shots, then 5 x 7 minute business targets, with only 5 shots allowed on each target.

Shooting at night under lights makes the event challenging yet enjoyable, as it adds the complexity of night shooting with centrefire rifles at very small targets. And like the 500m Fly, the atmosphere is always positive with the objective of enjoying our sport.

Hunter Class Benchrest

Contact Hugh Poate
Shoots at 1:30pm on the fourth Saturday of each month

Big Game Rifle

Contact: Willo Cameron 0408222799

2nd Saturday of March, June, September & December on the JMK Rifle Range at 1pm.

Black Powder Section

Contact: Rudy Schneider 0417 772 322 or
This Section covers all firearms using black powder: pistol (muzzle-loading, cap-and-ball, and cartridge); rifle and shotgun (muzzle-loading and cartridge); and cannon. The competitions are conducted under SSAA Black Powder Rules. Black Powder shoots 1st and 3rd Sunday at 1pm

Black Powder Firearms Club

Contact: Steve Kelo 0402 499 223 or
The other Black Powder Club on the SSAA ACT complex.

Canberra Air Rifle Club

Contact: Naomi Waters 0487 238 037
ISSF (Olympic) Air Rifle, including ARAA standing & supported competition events, including training & coaching of position rifle shooters using iron and anysight rifles. Every Wednesday night (except Public Holidays) at the Indoor 10m Air Gun Range from 6.30pm.

Collectors Section

The SSAA ACT Firearms Collectors Section is an approved collectors group in ACT and NSW.
Whatever your interest in firearms, the SSAA ACT Firearms Collectors Section has the knowledge and know how to get you on your way.

The collectors section meets 4 times a year at the SSAA ACT main club house.


Combined Services

Contact: Ian Jimmieson 0407 397 317 website:
The Military Firearms Club was formed to cater for the owners of military style firearms. Generally, no modification of firearms is allowed – they must be in “as issued” condition for major competitions – however legally modified firearms may be used at our regular club matches. If you are interested in military firearms – whether you are licensed or not – you are welcome at our club. Pistol 1st Sunday (TOB Range); Tactical Rifle 2nd Sunday (JMK Range); Trainer Rifle 3rd Sunday (Crater Range); Rifle 4th Sunday (JMK Range); all 1pm.

Federal 500 metre Fly Shoot

Contact: Alex Chryss 0450 812 639
This tests the ability of shooters to achieve accuracy with rifles at 500m. Five shots are fired at a paper target featuring a picture of a blowfly as the bullseye. The rifles used can weigh up to 50lbs, be up to .49 calibre and must have a safe self-contained trigger. Competitions held twice a year

Field Rifle/3-Position

Contact: Russell Cooper 0428 277 921
This discipline uses rimfire and centrefire rifles in positions encountered in the field, over distances ranging from 25 to 200m. Shooting positions include standing, sitting, prone. 3rd Saturday 9.30am

Gun Dogs

Contact: Kaye McIntyre 0409 113 835

Conservation and Wildlife Management

Contact: Kaye McIntyre 0409 113 835

NSW R Licences

Contact: Kaye McIntyre 0409 113 835
Please see the R Licence page on this website for course dates.

Junior Development Section

Contact: Email the Juniors team at or call Jim on 0419 615 551
This section operates to develop and encourage the sport of target shooting and to promote firearms safety awareness to young persons under 18 years of age. Qualified Ranges Officers supervising at all times. Beginners very welcome, club guns available. 1st and 3rd Sundays 8.45 to 11.45am

Lever Action

Contact: Colin Rees 0407 825 224
Lever Action was originally for your standard “cowboy” gun, 30/30, 44/40 etc. If you have any magazine fed lever action rifle, rim or centre fire, standard open sights, come along to this section. TOB Range, 2nd Saturday 12 noon

Majura Pistol Club

This club offers a variety of matches, PPC Service matches, Field Pistol Silhouette, and SSAA Target Pistol. We shoot a combination of Saturdays and Sundays, there is something on each weekend.

We are located on the top ranges at the very top of the SSAA ACT Complex past the shotgun ranges. You can access the ranges by traveling past the SSAA ACT entrance and pass the Shotgun entrance and follow the road as it veers right, through the gate (that is open when we are on the range) which will lead you to a large green clubhouse, the ranges are in front of the clubhouse.    If you are interested in pistol shooting please contact us for an information sheet.  New members welcome.

Precision Rifle 

Contact: Steve Blacker 0428 107 833 or

Precision Rifle combines precision, positions, and movement to score points during a given time period. Precision Rifle competitors must move and shoot from several varying positions, on or over obstacles in unfamiliar situations whilst engaging steel targets of varying shapes and sizes. Courses of fire are made up of several stages that are dynamic in nature and are designed to test all aspects of a competitor’s equipment and marksmanship abilities. Matches are very practical in nature and many competitors have seen their skills develop in relation to real world successful hunting scenarios.  Centrefire and Rimfirm matches.    2nd Saturday 9am  Check out the facebook Group ‘Precision Rifle ACT’

Rifle Metallic Silhouette

Contact: Dave True 0423 043 663
In this discipline steel targets in the shape of animals are knocked down. Ranges for centrefire are 200-500m; rimfire 40-100m. Shorter ranges for air rifle. All shooting is from the standing offhand position. It is challenging and lots of fun. 1st Saturday 10am

Single Action Shooting

Contact: Craig Tregear 0419 152 662
These shooters are cowboys in the true sense of the word. They use single-action revolvers, lever action rifles and side-by-side shotguns. Steel targets at varying distances are used. Many shooters wear traditional cowboy dress. 3rd Sunday at High Noon.

Shotgun- Majura Park Gun Club (clay target only)

Sporting Shooters Pistol Club
The SSPC conducts matches in all codes: Metallic Silhouette, Service, ISSF and Action Match. New shooters welcome, club pistols available to probationary license holders during weekly coaching sessions

Members Delegates

Elias Hallaj – – 0419 963 333

Daniel Fowler – – 0418 818 297

Rafal Lukasiewicz – – 0412 903 169