SSAA ACT has received correspondence from the NSW Firearms Registry that they reviewing the SSAA ACT NSW Club approvals with the intent to revoke them.

We are aware of the impact this will have on the NSW residents who are SSAA ACT Branch members. 

SSAA ACT values all of our disciplines and members and is currently working on an appropriate course of action and will fight to retain our NSW Club approval status.

We have sent out emails and letters to our SSAA ACT members that reside in NSW to notify them of this cross border review and how it could affect them.

We will keep you informed of the process and the steps as we take them, now is the time to stand together and ensure that all shooters have the same advantages.

You can request a copy of the letter by emailing

Feb 2021 – Update

SSAA ACT responded to the NSW Firearms Registry on 30 November 2020 stating that SSAA ACT was not prepared to surrender our NSW Club approvals.    

Similar replies have been sent by Sporting Shooters Pistol Club (SSPC ACT), Majura Pistol Club, Australian Protective Services Gun Club and Majura Park Gun Club (shotgun).

There has been no reply from NSW Firearms Registry in regards to our correspondence.

SSAA ACT have collated information in preparation for future potential involvement in this review, based on the following:

  • the number of SSAA ACT members who hold NSW firearm licenses
  • the NSW Clubs ‘nearby’ the ACT, the disciplines they offer, the opening times, fees etc
  • the distance between NSW areas on the outskirts of the ACT and NSW Clubs, showing both kilometres and travel time.

SSAA ACT members who hold NSW firearm licenses can be assured that if and when we hear more from the NSW Firearms Registry this review will be dealt with as a matter of priority.