Code of Conduct

SSAA ACT and its members are bound by this Code of Conduct and it applies to all SSAA ACT activities.
  1. Act within the rules and spirit of the shooting sports.

  2. Ensure your actions and decisions contribute to a safe and harassment free environment.

  3. Display appropriate and responsible behaviour at all times. 

  4. Treat each person as an individual, with respect and courtesy regardless of their age, race, gender, ability, cultural background, sexuality or religion.

  5. Do not use or tolerate abusive, bullying or threatening behaviour.

  6. Respect and abide by the decisions and instructions of SSAA ACT appointed or/and elected Officials, and in the event of disagreement or dispute, raise the matter in an appropriate manner and timeframe. 

  7. Any breaches of the SSAA ACT Code of Conduct may be dealt with in the process described in s14(j) of the SSAA ACT Constitution, which, after fair hearing, may result in suspension or expulsion of the member.